My Top Picks and Must-Haves for New Moms

Since the idea behind this blog post is to help new moms save time and energy, I should start with a confession and tell you that I planned on writing it months ago. Time-management can get tricky once you take on your new role as a first-time parent. It took me a while to get better at it. I’m still learning, though.

But today I’m going to let you in on my secrets in terms of new mom must-haves. I’m sure you already know about strollers, baby carriers, and breastfeeding pillows. Yet, you might not realize how valuable the following items can be.

These made my life easier, and if you’re a new mom, I bet you too will find at least one of them helpful. Here we go:

Daily/ weekly planner

Now, if pre-motherhood you could have gone by without planning your days, organizing and prioritizing tasks, doing that with a baby in your life( or 2? 3 maybe?) is quite risky if you ask me. Unless you have the memory of an elephant.

However, if you’re not that lucky but you’re still going about your day without having anything planned and organized beforehand, be honest with me, here. Are you constantly forgetting and repeatedly postponing things?

That would be understandable since, as responsible parents, we simply have a lot of stuff to do on a daily basis. Just try using a planner and you’ll see that it makes a world of difference.

Why I like it: A mother’s to-do list is never-ending: Daily vitamin D for the baby, regular checkups at the pediatrician, gyno appointments, shopping for necessities and other errands, doing laundry, cooking, various phone calls to make, birthdays, meetings, planning events. You get the point. It gets overwhelming. But having everything as organized as possible ahead of time, definitely sets the mood for more successful days.

How I use it: I make to-do lists with daily tasks, I schedule and prioritize, adding notes if needed. I sometimes add images to my notes. I set alarms and label them. At the end of the day, I check off tasks that are completed and reassign. Whether you’re a pen and paper gal’ or your prefer digital planning, by just writing down your day or your week as you see it, you too can conveniently establish a daily or a weekly plan for yourself. I’m not saying that everything is going to work out as planned. I reassign a lot. But I keep planning, and I’m doing the best I can. 🙂

I’m currently using: A trusty hardcover notebook

Hand (Immersion) blender

As every other new mom out there, I truly started to realize how precious time is, once my baby was born. Breastfeeding day and night, changing diapers, baby baths, baby laundry, rocking and walking the baby, often left me very little time for doing anything else. Sounds familiar?
So even though cooking daily or making smoothies in the morning might not have been on my top priorities list, we still had to eat. I got the blender as a gift, but I didn’t start using it immediately. I already owned a classic glass jar blender. I didn’t see the point in using this one, but the images on the box did make it seem more practical, so I decided to give it a go. Once I started using it- game changer.

Why I like it: It takes seconds to assemble (that’s in case yours has attachments). Equally fast and easy to use and clean. (TIP: wash it as soon as you finish blending; otherwise you’ll end up with gross dried gunk on it, and it will take more time to clean).

 Also, it takes up very little space, and it’s incredibly versatile. Not to mention that you can find it at different price ranges. So it truly saved me time, space, and money.

I hardly ever use the classic one now. Why? Because the hand blender has more precision since you maneuver the blades, it’s ten times easier to clean, it doesn’t take as much space as the classic one. You can’t make mayonnaise with the classic one; you can’t froth milk. Let’s not even talk about the attachments.

How I use it: I make creamy soups and fruit purees, guacamole, smoothies, pancakes batter, whipped cream, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, and more. I recently used it to froth milk for my coffee. Whaaat? That’s right! The whisk attachment I sometimes use for egg whites and batters and the chopper for chopping onion.

I currently own:  The Bosch MSM66020 and I can’t imagine my life without it. But this 5-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender is on my wish list. 

Handheld vacuum cleaner

Another “mini-version” of an indispensable home appliance. The cordless handheld vacuum cleaner. Surely we all own a full-size vacuum cleaner. So one may ask why you would need a handheld one. Well, just imagine carrying the full-sized one all over the house whenever you need to clean the crumbs your kid leaves all over the place. Oh, you think you’ll manage to make your kid eat everything quietly in his chair? Ok. Let me know how that works out. 😉  

But if you’re like me, you’ll end up discovering crushed biscuits in parts of the furniture you didn’t even realize existed.

Why I like it: It’s practical since it’s effortlessly portable, lightweight, comfortable to handle, extremely fast, and easy to clean out the waste when it’s full. It’s quiet, quieter than the full-sized ones.

What I use it for: I use it for spot clean-up operations that my classic vacuum cannot even reach, for pet-hair pickup, places like my garden table, the car. My kid also seems to like it a lot since it’s relatively small, and he can maneuver it. He thinks that he’s helping me out. 😉

I currently own: The Rowenta Extenso Dry AC232001 and I highly recommend it. This BLACK+DECKER Cordless dustbuster is pretty cool too. 

Step platform/ bench

Only now we’re getting into the things that a new-mom will use for herself and herself alone. The hubby can use this one too, I guess. 😅

One of the questions I frequently get asked in real life, and social media is “ How did you manage to lose weight so fast after being pregnant?”. I want to be honest and tell you that part of the reason is my fast metabolism. But in my search for ways to tone my body, I discovered the stepping bench. I was looking for something I could easily use at home. It seemed basic at first, but actually, its simplicity hides its efficiency.

Why I like it: I don’t have to leave my house to get a workout in. Using it is a no-brainer. On YouTube, you’ll find tons of stepper workouts. It’s lightweight, so I can effortlessly move it around the house. I sometimes want to use it on the patio to get some vitamin D while exercising. Other days I’ll use it in the living room while my kid is playing. It’s fun and multi-functional. (Quick tip: Combine with weights to maximize the results and tone your body from head to toe.)

How I use it: As I mentioned above, I use it combined with weights to work both my upper and lower body.

I currently own: This BalanceFrom adjustable workout stepper .

Flexible hair rollers/ foam curlers

I know, and you know that nine times out of ten curling our hair probably goes at the bottom of our priorities list. Wait. Is it even at the bottom or not at all? Maybe if we have to attend an event? :))
Jokes aside, I do my best to put on an effort and balance everything out even though it doesn’t always work out.
Nonetheless, to me, staying healthy, looking good, and feeling good inside and out is essential. It gets me one step closer to the right state of mind I need to conquer the day.

Why I like these: First, I liked them because it seemed like a more practical method of curling my hair. I didn’t have to go plug in my hair curler. I didn’t even have to leave my bed. I keep these in my bedside table. I love the fact that it’s less damaging for my hair.
With 10 minutes( even five would do) to spare before going to sleep, I wake up in the morning, and I can tick “to do my hair” off the list.
Since they’re foamy, they are comfortable to sleep with, and the curls last longer, given that you keep them on the whole night.

How I use them: As I mentioned above, I usually put them on before I go to sleep. Sometimes even during the day, if I’m staying in for the next one or two hours. I used these both on wet and dry hair, with different results.

I currently own: Melkior Flexible hair rollers ( don’t remember the size) but you’ll find many other types of  affordable curling rods online. 

So we’ve reached the end of the article, and I want to thank you for taking the time in your day to read it. I hope it helped or inspired you in some way. Feel free to share it with anyone you think might benefit from it.

Lastly, I would love to know what you had on your list of new mom must haves. Comment below.

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